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Sentrol 449CT Smoke Detector


Sentrol 449CT Smoke Detector
Integrated fixed 57°C, rate-of-rise heat detector, 12-24VDC, N/O contact. The 449 series self-diagnostic, 4-wire smoke detectors continually monitor their own sensitivity and operational status, and provide a visual trouble indication if they drift out of sensitivity range or fail internal diagnostics. The 449 series is easily cleaned by replacing the proprietary field-replaceable optical chamber. All models are designed to reduce false alarms from dust, insects, RFI and external light. An integral combination rate-of-rise and fixed 135°F (57°C), 50-foot rated, heat sensor is available with all T model detectors. The 449CSRH includes an isolated alarm output for heat and activates an internal non-latching sounder (local alarm) for smoke.

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