Why Bother Installing a Quality Power Supply?

It’s an often asked question when the subject of system design arises and the answer becomes self evident after the first failure – the dollars saved by using poor quality (read “cheap”) power supplies is more than completely lost when they have to be prematurely replaced.

Even if the supplier provides a replacement unit at no charge, the integrator / installer must still pick it up or wait for it to be delivered, and then pay for their technical staff to travel to site and perform the changeover – more often than not under the watchful eye of a very unhappy customer.

And whilst this is bad enough, it can be even more expensive when the power supply does not actually completely stop working (easy to diagnose – everything is black !), but operates intermittently or (as is often the case) the quality of the output voltage is just sufficiently poor as to cause picture quality issues in CCTV systems or intermittent / unreliable performance of electronic locking / access control systems.

20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing, but by specifying and installing quality power products, integrators can save themselves more than just their initial outlay (think reputation / stress and repeat business).

The cost of a power supply is generally a very small percentage of the overall system hardware cost, yet a simple cost saving choice (installing a cheaper / inferior power supply) can have far reaching ramifications – it doesn’t matter how much you expend on the rest of your system, if the power supply fails, so does the system.

Naturally you would expect a quality power manufacturer such as Tactical to recommend installing their product, but the experience of the majority of major integrators in Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East should be considered – there’s a good reason why Tactical power products are specified in high profile government, military and industrial projects throughout the region: experience and a solid reputation for rugged reliability.

This is an extract from the Tactical Technologies website.  You can trust Tactical power products – Designed, Manufactured & Supported in Australia

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