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TruVision Navigator 6 Video Management Software Offers New Features and Design

TruVision Navigator 6 software offers an easy-to-use interface featuring tabs for up to 10 surveillance viewing panes. Each pane is customizable, can be saved, and with a click can quickly provide operators with the most relevant information regarding their video security operations. One tab can also be dedicated to monitor and immediately display alarm events.

“Interlogix continues to add convenience and functionality to the proven TruVision Navigator platform, offering scalable, centralized and remote video management capabilities ranging from a small, single recorder (DVR/NVR) installation to deployment of multiple recorders and cameras,” said Mike Chiavacci, general manager, video solutions, Interlogix.

The software also allows recording from 360-degree-cameras. It de-warps the images natively in the software – eliminating the need to transmit all video streams from the camera – reducing bandwidth requirements. The new maps feature allows facility floor plans to be added, along with camera icons, making specific live and recorded video more convenient to locate.

The TruVision Navigator 6 platform continues to offer:

  • Flexible technology incorporating analog and IP compatibility to meet current and future needs
  • Remote device configuration to reduce costly on-site maintenance service calls
  • A system health monitoring and diagnostic service that automatically polls for data to maintain constant system uptime

The video management software also protects legacy system investment and accommodates future growth with backward compatibility of popular TruVision cameras and recording devices dating back more than a decade.
“TruVision Navigator 6 makes it easier and more convenient than ever to streamline video security operations for institutions such as schools, retail stores, bank branches, warehouses, entertainment venues, critical infrastructure and geographically dispersed organizations,”

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