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SPC Security System by Vanderbilt

SPC for all application sizes

Regardless what environment is to be protected – offices, shops, warehouses, banks or factory buildings – the Vanderbilt SPC series provides the ideal solution to every customer’s needs in small, medium and large and/or high-risk applications.

Innovative and flexible

All components of the SPC series are of modular design to allow easy system expansion and are completely ready for future technologies. Vanderbilt SPC is a visionary alarm concept, developed to capitalise on flexible system engineering and maximise integration and programming options.

  • Fully integrated secure IP based communication
  • Embedded web server
  • Advanced door control
  • Extensive software suite with strong remote capabilities/access

Comprehensive SPC Peripherals

The modular system design allows the use of common SPC peripherals across the whole system family. This facilitates the planning efforts for the various application sizes and allows the system to grow with the customer needs.


Comfort Keyboard
The comfort keypad with its large LCD display and optional voice assistance functionality is ideal for all kind of applications, from simple single area systems up to complex multi area systems.

Standard keypad
SPC keypads provide an easy interface to locally controlled SPC systems. A modern and functionally advanced user interface for all type of standard applications is available.

Keyswitch/Indication expander
The indication expander offers a flexible programmable user interface to indicate any status information on LEDs and to activate processes.

A card/tag can be used to activate indication or keys. The key switch expander enables the activation of user-specific functions and indicates status information on LEDs.

Bus expander

Wireless expander
SPC supports wireless detectors and peripherals based on proven SiWay radio communication technology. The receiver includes an integrated RF access point, enabling installation for optimal wireless coverage and reception quality.

I/O expander
The expander supports 8 wired zones and 2 fully programmable relay outputs. The zones and outputs function exactly as the zones and outputs on the controller. Each zone can be configured for different monitoring requirements. The relays can be programmed to activate under a number of conditions.

Output expander
The 8-output expander supports 8 fully programmable relay outputs with the same features as in the 2-door


Audio keypad
The comfort keypad is ideal to operate single area and multi area applications in a user friendly way. The built in speaker and sensitive microphone support audio features as alarm verification or voice annunciation.

Audio expander
The built in microphone and speaker allow pre- / post-event audio recording and live audio (listen / talk) between ARC/CMS and the SPC system. Up to 3 audio satellites (WAC11 speaker / microphone, WAS11 microphone) can be connected to the expander.

Door control

The door expander supports 2 entry doors or 1 entry/exit door, with automatic protocol recognition of connected card readers as well as 2 inputs (Door Position, Door Release) and 1 output (Door Lock) per door. It also offers full door controller stand-alone capability of up to 512 priority card holders in case of communication loss to the panel.

Power supplies

The smart power supply expander (PSU) extends the SPC system via X-BUS with a monitored 12 VDC local power source for battery management and connected security devices (e.g. expanders, 8 wired zones and fully programmable relay outputs.

PSU 2-Door
The smart power supply expander (PSU) extends the SPC system via X-BUS with a monitored 12 VDC local power source for battery management and connected security devices (e.g. expanders) and advanced door control functionality for 2 entry doors or 1 entry/exit door.

IP Cameras
Vanderbilt offers IP-cameras which ideally support the integrated video verification features.

SPC Tools – extensive software suite with strong remote capabilities/access

A key element in setup, configuration, implementation and throughout service of any integrated security system is its software. SPC’s intuitive software provides the dynamic interface that ensures seamless performance of system modules and maximises communication.

Monitoring tool

SPC Com XT is a software alarm receiver to enable CMS/ARCs to receive the EDP alarm-over-IP protocol of the SPC panel series. It connects to an alarm management solution via the Surgard interface.

  • Receive alarm and audio/video verification from SPC Panel via IP
  • Audio and video verification: listen/view pre-/post-event audio and video traces
  • Live audio and video: live listen-In/talk-in, Live video (sequence of pictures)
  • UDP/IP or TCP/IP transmission (configurable)
  • Encryption (AES128)
  • Basic Front-End (Site setup, Set/Unset, Inhibit zone, set logical output. control doors)

>> Download SPC Com XT Alarm Receiving Software Guide

Installation and maintenance tools

The SPC Safe serves as a repository for SPC configuration files.

  • Central storage and management of SPC configuration files
  • Central database is automatically updated after a locally performed site configuration change (e.g. user PIN)
  • Upload to SPC Safe supported via IP

>> Download SPC Safe PC Software Guide

The SPC Remote Maintenance enables the installer to get automated maintenance reports from an SPC installation.

  • Automatic reporting of technical SPC panel status and integrity to remote maintenance server
  • Generation of a (customisable) remote maintenance report
  • Remote maintenance report on request

>> Download SPC Remote Maintenance PC Software Guide

SPC Pro is the SPC panel configuration software for installers.

  • Remote configuration via PSTN, GSM and IP
  • Local configuration via RS232, USB and IP
  • Live overview of system status
  • Control of the system
  • Update of system firmware

User Tools

The SPC Manager is an easy & intuitive PC based software tool which supports the recation, control & modification of the access-based functionality within the SPC system.

  • Multi-Panel remote management and control. Multi-Panel remote user management
  • Multi-Panel remote access data management
  • Synchronous Multi-Panel configuration
  • Powerful Multi-Panel reporting

SPC – Innovative Features
New generation technology

The new features of the SPC market package 3.1 offers a wide range of benefits.

IP based Audio/Video Verification

The IP-based fully digital video and audio confirmation feature significantly increases efficiency in CMS (Central Monitoring Station) by reducing the false alarm ratio, e.g. after wrong user operation, from typically higher than 85% to zero, allowing the operator to avoid expensive operations by decisions based on live audio /video, pre-/post event pictures or audio.

  • A/V verification significantly reduces the number of needless callouts due to false alarms
  • The ARC/CMS can quickly & efficiently correctly identify the source of the alarm
  • Clear, accurate and synchronised audio/video data lead to better decision making
  • Effortless installation & configuration of verification devices

Advanced Security Functions for Banking Applications

For banking applications, SPC offers easy configuration for procedures that are commonly used to address the complex security requirements of ATM and vault areas. In addition, support is provided for wireless personal security devices to protect banking employees.

  • Dedicated features and products to address the complex requirements of the banking security sector, including dual-PIN access and automatic testing of seismic detectors
  • Ease of configuration with pre-defined commonly used procedures for banking application
  • Personal security devices increasing the security of the bank employees

Multilingual System

The SPC panels are capable of operating in multiple languages, and additional language packs can be easily downloaded to extend this range.

  • Individual user language makes operation of the panel easier, for end user and installer
  • Multi-language capability saves time, effort and money
  • Customised language enables localisation of panels
  • User language support increases installation efficiency
  • Dedicated language creates positive product experience to the end user

Extended Wireless Portfolio

Additional wireless products ideally support the available wireless portfolio.

  • SPC4000 Hybrid Panel with cabinet existing of metal base and plastic lid
  • Plug-on option on standard keypads for after-sales upgrade to SiWay wireless

SPC Multi-Panel Management

The Multi-Panel management software tool offers a variety of functionalities:

  • Control and procession of all access and intrusion functions (SPC Manager Server)
  • Monitoring of all panels connected to the SPC Manager Server (SPC Manager Client)
  • Storage of all access and intrusion data by using Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 database (SPC Manager Database)


For more information on the Vanderbilt website: SPC

To view the products on the Alarmcorp website: SPC


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