ACT Enterprise Access Control Installation & Operation

In our last video on the ACT Enterprise access control system, we spoke about the inbuilt features that can directly help you in your legal and social obligations both now and in the future in relation to COVID-19.

To quickly recap that video, we spoke about the five pillars of COVID-19, that are:

  • Physical distancing
  • Integrated bio-metrics – temperature screening
  • Visitor management
  • Remote management
  • Hygiene and sanitation

and how the ACT Enterprise features can be used to manage these issues.

Physical distancing, using the area counting and pre booking system to manage the amount of people in a particular area

  • Integrated bio-metrics – temperature screening, introducing temperature sensing bio-metric card readers with face mask detection to check the health of an individual before allowing entry
  • Visitor management – Introducing a way to control and report visitors on site, to reduce and manage when and where a visitor can go
  • Remote management – ensuring that security and management staff have a way to monitor and program the system remotely
  • Hygiene and sanitation – introducing touch-less readers and exit devices to minimise physical contact with devices, and a means to automate reports to enable cleaning staff to effective ensure high traffic areas are cleaned correctly.

Hello, I’m Jeff Rushtom from Alarmcorp, and today i will show you a quick unboxing of he ACT enterprise system from Vanderbilt industries, then run through a brief guide to the installation and programming of the system.

Today’s video is meant to give you an overall understanding of the product without getting bogged down with too much detail. Alarmcorp run regular training courses throughout the year to give you a good understanding of the product installation and operation. We can conduct these courses at our premises or yours, depending on the amount of attendees and the time you have available. Talk to your Alarmcorp rep for further details.

In the box we have the ACTpro1500 controller and a set of instructions. This IP controller requires 12VDC to operate and can control a single door with entry and exit reader if required.

  • OP2 and 3 are preprogrammed outputs that are used for things like interlock
  • AUX1 can be used for fire override
  • DC is our door contact input, and PB for our exit device
  • We have a RS485 bus to daisy chain additional low cost controllers to this IP controller, up to an additional 31 doors can be connected through these two RS485 ports
  • It is also possible to daisy chain multiple IP controllers as well through the controller network connection
  • Here is our 12v input and an input to report mains fail
  • We have a break-glass monitoring input and tamper
  • Our DIP switches are used for DHCP or static IP, and also to default the system
  • We have two IP ports, so we can daisy chain controllers if required
  • and lastly our main relay is for the door output, and a aux relay that can be programmed to operate on a variety of events

For the full story please watch the video below.

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