ACT365 Introduction & Unboxing

Wouldn’t it be great to have a business that had a reoccurring income, so even in those quiet times, the money still kept rolling in?  In security we have had to rely on monitored lines to accomplish this.  What if there was a new way to generate income, in this case through access control?

Today I want to discuss a product that is:

  • Extremely easy to install
  • That is price competitive with traditional access control systems
  • Requires no server/PC on site, therefore reducing investment and running costs
  • That is cloud enabled, allowing for programming or operation from anywhere (especially useful in today’s environment)
  • And as promised, gives you a reoccurring income equal to or greater than your current monitored line income

I started by saying we can help provide an on going reoccurring income stream. We accomplish this via a subscription service model, that is no different to how many major service providers operate today, like Microsoft, Apple, Netflix etc, and it’s coming to the security industry in waves.

I’m Jeff Rushton, CTO of Alarmcorp and I’ve spent the last 40+ years in the security industry, and witnessed a multitude of changes, and this could be the biggest yet.

I will show you how to leverage your security and business skills to help provide for your future and not get left behind.

Today I will show a short intro and unboxing of the ACT365 Single door access control system from Vanderbilt Industries

ACT365 was developed and manufactured by Vanderbilt in Dublin Ireland. It comes in three versions.

A single door controller without a power supply, ideal if you have other equipment onsite where a common 12v supply is used A single door controller with a 12V2amp power supply inbuilt and room for a 7ah battery, perfect when only a single door is being wired and lastly it comes in a PoE version, so network and power are provided by a simple cat5 or cat6 cable, further simplifying the installation.

To further enhance the system, it is possible to add a ACT365 VCU (video control unit), that is a 4 camera NVR with 1tb hard drive, Any camera can be associated to a door to provide video history of access or attempted access to a door.

The ACT365 can accept any reader technology, and Vanderbilt supply a range of 125khz prox, Mifare, Desfire, Bluetooth and OSDP readers to suit.  Just add the reader of your choice and a electronic lock to suit the door type, connect to power and internet and your done. But the controller also has:

  • Dual port Ethernet to enable daisy chain connection of multiple controllers without requiring a switch
  • Break glass monitoring
  • Fire Override
  • 2 Relay outputs
  • 1 input
  • Inputs for exit button and door contact

Once installed you simply create an account online and register your door, from there all your programming can be done, including diagnostics. Your customer benefits in a number of ways,
firstly no head end computer is needed to be installed, that costs money to purchase, run and maintain. These costs over the life of the system can be considerable. All programming is done via a web page or app, so any computer or phone, anywhere can be used. This saves on installing software, and ensures you are always running the latest versions, so software updates and backups are a thing of the past.

Your security is also paramount, so your service in the cloud is hosted by Microsoft Azure, and encrypted to 2048 bit SSL.

By offering a operating expense model instead of a capital expense model, this is typically much easier to justify from your customers perceptive as well.

Any number of units can be connected to the same account, and by our calculation this system is best suited to organisations that typically have from 1-10 doors per site, and up to an unlimited number of sites. All of these doors on all sites are managed from the same web page, streamlining the end users experience and taking the head ache out of access control.

Ok, let’s see what we get in the ACT365 box.  This one is the version without a power supply, so in this case the plastic box is smaller than either of the other two versions.

We can see the main unit, a set of instructions, and some stickers with the serial number, these are used later when we register the unit to our account. I have blurred out the serial numbers in this video for privacy.  when we open the system, we have:

  • The connection for the reader, we can accept any reader type and also add an in and out reader for a single door
  • OP2 and 3 are pre-programmed outputs that are used for things like interlock
  • AUX1 can be used for fire override
  • DC is our door contact input, and PB for our exit device
  • Here is our 12v input and an input to report mains fail
  • We have a break glass monitoring input and tamper
  • Our DIP switches are used for DHCP or static IP, and also to default the system
  • We have two IP ports, so we can daisy chain controllers if required
  • Our 12vdc output for door strikes or detectors
  • and lastly our main relay is for the door output, and a aux relay that can be programmed to operate on a variety of events

So there you have it

In our next video we will show in more depth how to install and program the ACT365 controller, so until then stay safe, and enjoy your day.

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