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Enterprise Access Control

Over at Alarmcorp, technical director, Jeff Rushton, explains that components of a global access control solution can vary. But he says that for a solution like Vanderbilt SiPass, a basic system requires a server to run the management software, and the client gains access to the system through remote workstations via a thick client or web browser. Continue Reading

New Product

SPC Security System by Vanderbilt

SPC for all application sizes

Regardless what environment is to be protected – offices, shops, warehouses, banks or factory buildings – the Vanderbilt SPC series provides the ideal solution to every customer’s needs in small, medium and large and/or high-risk applications.

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Salto in the Movies, So grab your popcorn

Secret Spy Organization counts on SALTO

Kingsman – The Golden Circle is the sequel to the 2015 box office hit Kingsman: The Secret Service and SALTO products have been chosen for use in the film.  In the first film a secret spy organization recruited an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program, just as a global threat emerged from a twisted tech genius.

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Security News

Getting Smart About Smart Cards

The days of overcrowded clunky keychains encumbering purses and pockets are fading into the abyss. Technology is moving past the necessity of the actual lock and key in many cases. Today, we’re seeing an emergence of key fobs for cars with push-start buttons, and a move towards digital security, mobile credentials, keypads, and biometric access control, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, and even iris detection. Continue Reading