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Enterprise Access Control

Over at Alarmcorp, technical director, Jeff Rushton, explains that components of a global access control solution can vary. But he says that for a solution like Vanderbilt SiPass, a basic system requires a server to run the management software, and the client gains access to the system through remote workstations via a thick client or web browser. Continue Reading

New Product

SPC Security System by Vanderbilt

SPC for all application sizes

Regardless what environment is to be protected – offices, shops, warehouses, banks or factory buildings – the Vanderbilt SPC series provides the ideal solution to every customer’s needs in small, medium and large and/or high-risk applications.

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Tech Tip

Geoquip Defensor Test Procedure

Some people believe installing and maintaining a microphonic fence system can be difficult and time consuming.  I find the Defensor SystemPrison from Geoquip to be extremely easy to install and even easier to maintain.  As long as a few basic precautions are followed, you should be able to get many years of trouble-free operation.

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